Clash Of Cars
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There is an integration of ICO's smart contract with CoinPayments, therefore, currencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT are accepted to buy $CLASH on ICO. By using Solana you are able to buy $CLASH directly from our website.
Phase 1: 01-05-2022; Sales Quantity: 1% Selling Price: 0.035usd (3.5 cents)
Phase 2: 01-12-2022; Sales Quantity: 1% Selling Price: 0.05usd (5 cents)
Phase 3: 01-19-2022; Sales Quantity: 1% Selling Price: 0.065usd (6.5 cents)
Note: there will be a purchase limit per wallet of 1,000 USD in each phase.
Note: KYC is not required.


Date: 01-28-2022
Initial Liquidity: 1%
Starting Price: 0.08usd (8 cents).
Clash of Cars pool coin: USDT (Solana Chain)