Clash Of Cars

Token Allocation

😌 Transparency about the division of the total supply of tokens + freeze function during the determinated period 👇🏼
The market maker will buy and sell the tokens according to market conditions, in other words, providing the necessary liquidity for the proper functioning of the Clash of Cars marketing ecosystem ✅
The 7% of the token allocation is a supply in Clash that can be used by the technical team to make the marketing ecosystem healthier.
It may also be used to provide liquidity in new markets (be it other currency pairs and other DEXes and other trading models in the future). 👩🏻‍💼
🏆 Reward Pool: It is the fund that distributes in-game rewards to players and holders, the total being the equivalent of the play-to-earn supply (540 MM). 🤽🏻‍♀️
🧐 The Reward pool starts with the Play to Earn offer (54%). It will be continuously fed with portions of fees charged in the ecosystem to ensure the game's economic sustainability, longevity and market health.
👀 Disclaimer: The $Clash trading model does not include a liquidity pool like most other NFT games, but electronic trading (bid&ask), in order to include more structured trades such as limit orders and be safer and more resilient against price manipulating bots.