Clash Of Cars
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General Questions

Why do you say that the Project is Global? 🌎

👩🏻‍💼 As a matter of market strategy, in addition to the fact that we have team members (devs) spread across several countries around the world. The project's initial focus was on emerging countries that have strong markets such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and India, precisely because there, parents are using the income from games to feed their families, increase the country's GDP and because they are already assiduous consumers of NFT's games. 🕹️

Will we be able to sell this ICO token on the token listing (IDO)?

🪙 There won’t be a buy-in because together with IDO, on the 28th, we will launch C2E. In addition, we are sure that many people who did not buy at this early stage will join the project. We believe that it is necessary to provide real incentives, and not impose obstacles to the entry of new players and new investors. The team didn't think it was reasonable to force people to buy the ICO and give them the titles, and then make them buy it later just to play. To stay for the long term, we will be giving away other incentives announced soon. We will have a lot of news!
In any case, short-term and long-term incentives and their rewards need to be mixed well, and as much as certain restrictions are necessary (for obvious reasons) people only stay in environments where they see inherent value. 👨🏻‍💼

What is the nationality of the team? 🌐

Our company is based in the UK for regulatory reasons, that's all! We have foreigners too! 😌 The project is global, both in team, region (UK) and vast. We just can't reveal the details of the next things for a simple reason: in this turbulent market where there is a lot of disloyalty on the part of the managers of some projects, if we expose all the strategic planning and talk about the products, people won't believe it, because they won't even believe in a simple NFT game! 🤭