Clash Of Cars
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How was the development of the smart contract? 🧾

The smart contract was developed in rust, we took the utmost care to use all the security guidelines recommended by the auditing company, to avoid stealing third-party coins or even sending coins incorrectly. The contract has a series of security checks to ensure the purchase and transfer of coins to the user. 🤓

What is the reason for the high volume of Bots in the global Telegram group? 🤖

🧐 We run passive campaigns in Telegram groups that contain users in the niche of Game NFT, with this our Telegram group began to become known, if there was entry of BOT's is something we can not control, but we guarantee that there was no user purchase or bots to simply show that the group has thousands of people.
🛫 Besides the fact that our AirDrop requires them to enter in Telegram and social networks, this way we lost control of the entry of these bots, but we are already working hard so that these bots do not affect the AirDrop draw, after the completion of AirDrop we will focus on extinguishing all bots.

What is the reason for choosing the Solana network? 🌞

Today Solana is one of the most efficient blockchains in terms of TPS (Transactions per second). 😱 Imagine Mastercard with more than 60,000 transactions worldwide, that every second, this is the capacity that the Solana network has, not only for that, but also thinking in the long term, because the Solana network has a very large growth trend, mainly from the community, and this is in line with our next crypto ecosystem projects. 💯

What platform is the game being developed on? 🤔

Unity 🖥️

After how long will devs be able to sell their tokens? 🪙

15% (150MM) of the tokens were distributed to the team, with a vesting period of 12 months) - After that, 10% monthly unlocks. Many games are born promising gameplay, but end up staying and sometimes dying only in the famous Farm mode. 🏎️

How is the Race mode progressing? Can we trust it to come out on time? 😣

💁🏻‍♀️ We are striving every day to strictly meet the deadline, the entire game has already been designed thinking about the playable mode, that is, the farm mode is in fact a stopping point for the final objective, the playable mode, and it will surely come out on time.