Clash Of Cars

Withdraw System

💸 The withdrawal system in Clash of Cars

It is an economically sustainable system, you need to have 10% of the value to be withdrawn on the wallet to which you will withdraw your $CLASH 🤑

🚨Withdraw Requirements 🚨

• Withdraw Value (minimum 1001 CLASH)
• Have +10% of the value ON THE WALLET
• Have +3% (tax) of the Withdraw value IN the GAME.
• Have played the CAMPAIGN MODE at least once.
👉🏽To withdraw 1001: After playing the Campaing mode, you can start Withdrawing, then you gotta have:
1001 (withdraw value) CLASH in the game +30 (3% tax) CLASH in the game +101 (10%) CLASH in the EXTERNAL WALLET


• The transaction can TAKE 10 MINUTES to be concluded.
• Until conclusion, the value WILL KEEP SHOWING IN THE GAME, being only VISUAL 👉🏽 Note: The incoming amounts in the above session can be changed without further notice by the team ☝🏻