Clash Of Cars


Play to Earn - Player versus Player
Clash of Cars has some features that make it a unique NFT game! It aims to mark a new generation of NFT games identified for having fun, intense gameplay, profitable economy and lasting for years, just like traditional games.
There are 3 types of NFT on the platform: The cars, abilities, and Garage. In this way each NFT has its own special features. Players must have strategic intelligence to create the best combination between each NFT to be effective in the battle against other players, thus reaching the top ranking!
All variables (car, abilities and garage) will be balanced to avoid discrepant differences between players and create a fairer environment, in which strategic intelligence and performance are determining.
The game's economy is simple! The rewards in the matches will be the “trophies” and the $CLASH. The "trophies" will serve to increase the rank of the players and consequently increase the amount of $CLASH the players will receive for a single victory! The $CLASH will be used to buy the game's NFTs.
The Game is economically sustainable and durable: the supply of “Play to Earn” will be distributed as a reward in the race mode (PvE). To keep encouraging players was created the Reward Pool, where rewards will be continuously distributed in a sustainable and durable way, without having to increase $CLASH tokens quantity.

Note: Reward Pool is explained in the next section: "Tokenomics” Check it out!

NOTE: these are initial rewards are initial only and will not be permanent. Economists will make constant changes in rewards as part of the economic control policies. They’ll be stipulated from the daily balances of the flow of $Clash in the ecosystem in order to achieve the annual targets of issue of $Clash on the market, created by the team.