Clash Of Cars
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Campaign (PvE)

Player versus Environment
🏎️ This mode consists of a solo adventure in PvE style, but what that means?
🖥 You will challenge and Artificial Intelligence!
The car rarity of the AI raises progressively at each race and its power is increased according to the rarity 😱
There will be 5 mode races and by completing the first one, you will unlock the second and that successively 🔓
⚠️ In case you lose in any of the races before completing all of them, the campaign closes and you will receive the accumulated prizes until the races you lost.
The quantity of the races is limited by the quantity of fuel ⛽
👉🏽 Ex.: A common car can enter 4 times on the campaign mode paying the entry value per time using one gasoline per time, if it’s a legendary will be able to enter 8 times at the campaign mode.