Clash Of Cars

Race Mode (PvP)

All NFT Car has 2 fixed passive skills and has fixed status 🔥
In other words, their damages, abilities powers and defenses are unique and unalterable from each NFT 🌚


  • At the beginning we will only have pvp for two players, but the mode will be created to support more users in the future, a maximum of 4
  • PVP races do not consume fuel and durability, players can run infinitely during the day and night
  • in the lobby players will see the cars and username
  • The PVP mode will have 3 bet levels, each with a value from the lowest to the highest among them.
    1. 1.
      50 Clash per player, total pool 100 Clash.
    2. 2.
      250 Clash per player, total pool 500 Clash.
    3. 3.
      1000 Clash per player, total pool 2000 Clash.