Clash Of Cars



The Cyber ​​Age was coming...
💍 Objects became rare items that only a few people could get their hands on one. Owning a race car was very difficult and few racers managed to own one!
After amassing a sum of money, a woman won a rare box at an auction and upon opening it found the keys to the original Cyber ​​Car 💵
Many copies were made, but the original possessed abilities that no one knew existed, besides her 💎
Finally, the tale her father had been telling for years came true and she had in her hands the car she had dreamed of 💭
🏁 Now the race tracks will shake to the sound of your technological machine's engines.

🥉Rarity: Rare

⛽ Fuel: 5 races 📣

Bonus: +2 Fuel (Races)

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