Clash Of Cars



The Drillwagon was a machine created to dig tunnels through giant mountains during the 20 century. After serving its purpose, the machine was abandoned in a junkyard in the Netherlands ❄️
⏳ A few years ago, Dutch car enthusiasts were looking for a forgotten vehicle in the junkyard so that he could start his prototype.
They found the old machine and fell in love immediately 😍
✨ Then they polished, painted, cleaned and improved the design of Drillwagon, implementing turbo-compressors and enormous pistons that helped the motor to reach its maximum potency🔥
Your old, worn-out drill has been replaced by a much stronger and more efficient one, making it ideal for drilling into any car that cross his way 🚷

🥈 Rarity: Epic

⛽ Fuel: 6 races

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