Clash Of Cars



His creator, tired of having his inventions considered dangerous, created Razorblade with only one intention: destroy everything in his path 💥
🌊 As a lover of marine creatures, he inspired himself on the big and dangerous shark, reuniting many blades to his teeth, with mechanisms extremely strong and resistant to his jaw 🦈
Creating then the terrible Razorblade, the king of all the cars 👑
⛓️ Using a complex system of gears and chains, he is capable of giving bites of different force, becoming a danger to the tracks ⛓️
🏆 Despite his high power, only players of high level can deal with it with success, because of that, only the best will be able to use it in races to devastate all opponents!

🥇 Rarity: Legendary

⛽ Fuel: 8 Races

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