Clash Of Cars
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Rocket V2

Rocket V2

The first turbo car design was created in 1998, with a simple and unambitious design, but with a promise and a clear goal in mind: be the fastest car on the track ☄️
The Rocket V1 found it difficult to establish itself at the top of the competition with just 4 wheels and its mid-range engine, so the project's general investors were very disappointed 😤
🚀Now, with current technology, the turbo car team claims they have the ability to create the fastest car ever seen by man and win every race to please investors 🚀
The Rocket V2 was created to surprise spectators and intimidate opponents, with its 6 wheels, an ultra-powerful engine, aerodynamic design and an innovative turbo system attached to its back. Rocket V2 will make opponents eat dust 💨💨

🥉Rarity: Rare

⛽ Fuel: 5 races

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