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Show Maker

Show Maker:

The Show Maker was created for use in Monster Truck racing. The car won all disputes, ruthlessly destroying its opponents 🔥
Precisely for providing fantastic performances to the spectators of the races, that the car was called by this name! 🗯️
After years of glory, non-stop victories and easily beatable opponents, the crowd was clamoring for the Show Maker to challenge itself in the street race, bringing its huge legion of fans from the stadiums to the streets 🛣️
💢 The Show Maker's mechanics then began to produce the necessary changes so it could put on a show on the roads, adding powerful turbos and brakes, as well as more efficient suspension and springs, allowing the Show Maker to leap into the air and land without any impact 💢
🚧 Show Maker is ready to dominate his opponents in another type of race now 🚧

🥉Rarity: Common

⛽ Fuel: 4 races

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