Clash Of Cars
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Stakeholders Program

⚠️ About the program:

It is the incentive program for investors who adopt a stake commitment within the Clash of Cars ecosystem.
Stakeholders will receive special financial benefits and other exclusive benefits. 🔥
The Stakeholders Program will be divided into four specific classes, according to the level of investment, and will have different advantages. 😎

Conditions: 👀

Staking time: 3 months 🗓️

Dividend Yield distribution: Monthly 🗓️

*Disclaimer: The entry values in each class shown in the following sections are subject to change without further notice by the technical team. 🧐
✍🏻 Note: To start investing in the Stakeholders Program, users must deposit in the Stakeholders Fund, according to one of the specific classes shown in the next sections. The Continuous Staking Fund, on the other hand, is the wallet that receives the funds to distribute payments to Stakeholders, as per "The Fees Distribution" section. The descriptive is composed by “Initial Condition” ☝🏻
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