Clash Of Cars

Icy White Diamond

Conditions: Hold 60000 $CLASH 💰

Financial Benefits: The Icy White Diamond will receive 35% of the total distributed in the Continuous Staking Fund for the current month. Each Emerald member will receive an income proportional to their participation within the Class. 🥳

Other Benefits:

Free Refuel in a max of 6 Cars when used the Refuel All option. 🏎️
Be able to buy 10 cars with 10% of discount; 😯
Exclusive Discord Tag and Community with direct contact of the devs; 🌟
NFT Merge, reduces to 0% the chance to get a Common car at merge;
NFT Merge, reduces to 0% the chance to get a Rare car at Rare x Rare merge;
NFT Merge, Increase to 100% the chance to get a Legendary car at Epic x Epic merge;
Exclusive Icy White Diamond Car Skin (When available) 💙
A Badge on the game dashboard; 🏆
Invite to the Clash of Cars events. 👑

Note: The incoming amounts of each class shown in the above session can be changed without further notice by the team.☝🏻

👉🏽 Note: The economic team will set monthly the amount of $Clashes to be distributed, the number of vacancies and the minimum profitability, taking into account technical data and strategic goals for the healthy growth of the ecosystem 😉

Last modified 1yr ago